Peeking Into the Future of Thought Leadership

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Yesterday, Bob Buday, Alan Alper and I shared our perspective on where thought leadership is headed in the near future. In this recorded webinar, we share 7 predictions on the future of thought leadership:

  1. Thought leadership becomes a core strategy in a wide variety of B2B firms.
  2. Competitors’ rising budgets place unrelenting pressure to maximize your thought leadership spend.
  3. The ongoing explosion of online content blurs the boundaries between primary and secondary research.
  4. Big demand for resources will require greater rigor about “which mouths to feed.”
  5. Four thought leadership skills will be in big demand and short supply.
  6. Establishing a culture of thought leadership will be your most important task.
  7. The publishing process will shift from a text-first one to a multimedia-first one.

Download the full presentation slides or watch the recording: