Michelle Swan

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About … Michelle Swan is a partner at Tercera, an investment and advisory firm that helps IT services’ founders ride the Third Wave of cloud computing. She is responsible for marketing and content, the Tercera advisor and portfolio experience, and guiding portfolio companies on go-to-market and brand strategies. Michelle has a BA in Journalism from the University of Maryland.

Background … For 20-plus years, Michelle has helped technology and services companies define and grow their market presence. Beyond thought leadership, her expertise spans customer experience, corporate and product positioning, product launches and global campaigns, content marketing, analyst relations, media and influencer programs, customer loyalty programs, customer marketing, field marketing, communications, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement, and customer advisory boards. Prior to joining Tercera, she founded and led Swancomm, a marketing communications consultancy supporting early-stage B2B companies. Prior to this, she led corporate marketing and customer experience at Appirio, one of the first cloud-focused consultancies specializing in the Salesforce, Google, and Workday ecosystems. She’s also worked at Symantec, Borland, and Ketchum PR.

Top Accomplishments … Helped build one of the first enterprise cloud consultancies (Appirio) … certified in customer journey mapping and CAB facilitation … started and ran her own marketing communications consultancy … led launches and thought leadership campaigns for more than 20 companies … once wrote a tweet for Snoop Dogg (don’t ask).

Hot Buttons … Since childhood, a fascination with business, great stories, and building and creating … helping founding teams tap into their business passion, inject structure around it, and bring it to life for the world to see … Simplifying complex concepts so the average person gets it … Hiking in the mountains … Heifer International.

PTL 2022 Focus … The growing importance of thought leadership to high-finance (venture capital and private equity) and how Tercera’s three pillars of (people over products; cloud’s third wave, and The Tercera 30 partner ecosystem report) are critical differentiators for her firm.


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