9 Ways to Profit from PTL 2020

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In addition to being our first virtual conference, PTL 2020 brings a great line-up of speakers, learning sessions and topics. Here are 9 ways you’ll generate ROI from your 2020 virtual conference ticket:

  1. Turn Company Leaders Into Believers—Learn how to get company leaders fully behind thought leadership and help them become widely recognized experts themselves (which will help them further get behind thought leadership). Cathy Olofson of Innosight will discuss how she’s worked with the company’s management to do this over the last 10 years.
  2. Turn Thought Leadership Research into Leads and Business—Mark Marone of Dale Carnegie will show you how to leverage thought leadership research to drive sales. Ajit Kambil will explain how Deloitte’s CFO Program has opened new doors and strengthened existing relationships with chief financial officers.
  3. See How to Build and Run a First-Class Management Journal—Serge Perignon of Tata Consultancy Services and David Deeds and Jim Wetherbe of Entrepreneur and Innovation Exchange will talk about how to run online management journals that build great organizational credibility and global audiences.
  4. Adopt Editorial Practices from the World’s Top Thought Leadership Content Developers—Editors at Harvard Business Review will explain the editorial practices of the world’s leading management journal—practices that will increase your chances of getting published in the right places. They will also talk about the most influential HBR articles of the last decade, what they have in common, and lessons for others who want to change the market conversation on their topics. Bob Buday, who has helped dozens of clients publish in HBR, will explain how to turn the ideas of your most difficult and busiest experts into compelling articles.
  5. See How to Create a Thought Leadership Research Institute—Infosys’ Jeff Kavanaugh will discuss the keys to building thought leadership research institutes that become core content engines.
  6. Identify the Thought Leadership Research that Matters to Executives—Binayak Choudhury of Phronesis Partners and a panel of Fortune 1000 senior executives will provide the voice of the thought leadership customer: senior executives who rely on educational content to choose a B2B firm to solve core business problems.
  7. Align Your Thought Leadership with Your Firm’s Brand — Accenture’s Francis Hintermann and Jill Kramer will share their experiences creating alignment between the firm’s thought leadership initiatives and its brand development efforts.
  8. Learn how to Create Engaging Digital Platforms and Formats—Sean Brown of McKinsey will talk about how the giant consulting firm has turned webinars into powerful places for convening clients, prospects and the firm’s thought leaders. Bill Shander of Beehive Media will explain how to make data visualization the most powerful tool in the publishing toolkit.
  9. Recognize Why You’re In a Great Profession—Jason Mlicki and Bob Buday will explain why thought leadership will be a vital activity for every B2B company this decade, and a domain ripe with opportunities for thought leadership professionals. Thought leadership recruiter Sara Noble will explain the keys to having a highly successful career in the profession.

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