How B2B Firms Use Thought Leadership to Stand Out and Attract Customers

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Yesterday, Bob Buday and I shared a small portion of the findings from our 2022 thought leadership research produced in partnership with Binayak Choudhury of Phronesis Partners. The webinar, hosted live, shared 7 key insights from our survey of 163 B2B marketers and editorial leaders that produce thought leadership to build brand preference, create demand, and generate leads. In the webinar, we outlined 7 top-level insights:

  1. Both client executives and B2B leaders relish thought leadership.
  2. The largest companies, $20B+ in revenue, relish thought leadership most.
  3. Creating extraordinary content is extraordinarily difficult.
  4. Marketing thought leadership brings unique challenges.
  5. In order to generate interest in thought leadership clients need to see you and hear you; not just read you.
  6. To date, thought leadership investments in most B2B companies are having only modest impact.
  7. Company culture separates the best from the rest.

Download the full presentation slides or watch the recording:

We hope you’ll register for our November conference where we’ll share the findings of our qualitative research with executive decision-makers and all our latest research findings on “What the Best B2B Companies Do Differently When it Comes to Thought Leadership” including:

  • How they build a culture of thought leadership
  • How they develop thought leadership strategy
  • How they approach primary research
  • How they develop high-quality content
  • How they market that content and leverage it in the sale
  • How they allocate marketing spend