Why Customers Need Thought Leadership — A Sneak Peek at our 2022 Research

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Yesterday, Bob Buday and I shared a small portion of the findings from our 2022 thought leadership research produced in partnership with Binayak Choudhury of Phronesis Partners. The webinar, hosted live, shared 6 key insights from our 32 question survey of 152 executive decision-makers that use thought leadership to solve their most pressing business problems. In the webinar, we outlined 6 top-level insights:

  1. On average, executives across all industries see thought leadership as very important.
  2. They use thought leadership first and foremost to identify early warning signs and determine how to solve major business problems.
  3. That said, they’re not using it to make purchase decisions as frequently as you might think.
  4. It appears they don’t because they don’t believe the thought leadership they receive is valuable enough.
  5. When it comes to the content you publish, executives crave evidence, depth, and feasibility.
  6. As it relates to the content experience, they continue to prefer a more digital, “lean back” world.

Download the full presentation slides or watch the recording:

Join us on August 17 for our next webinar in the series. In How B2B Companies Compete on Thought Leadership, we’ll share a similar research sneak peek — this time with insights from your peers; other B2B research, thought leadership, and marketing teams.

Of course, we hope you’ll register for our November conference where we’ll share all our latest research findings on How the Best B2B Companies Compete on Thought Leadership including:

  • How they develop strategy
  • How they approach research
  • How they develop content
  • How they market that content and leverage it in the sale
  • How they allocate marketing spend